Windy City Watch Collector is dedicated to providing new, pre-owned and vintage military, precision timing and navigation instruments.  As avid watch collectors and enthusiasts ourselves, we know the importance of finding the right unique timepiece for daily wear as well as to add to a collection.

With over 30,000 customers worldwide since our founding in 1996, we must be doing it right!

Our philosophy is to stock only unique timepieces that we’d want ourselves and trust in our adventures afield.  We attempt to handle all inquiries with care, courtesy, and efficiency.

We would be pleased to supply you with your next unique timepiece!

Regards — Chris Hooper


Marathon Watches — Actual Military Issue Timepieces

Windy City Watch Collector is proud to be the oldest authorized dealer for the Marathon Watch Company.  In 1996, we began supplying Marathon Watches to other collectors, law enforcement personnel, individuals engaged in outdoor activities for work and pleasure and others people that just wanted a well built and rugged watch with tritium illumination.  Marathon watches combine military durability with Swiss craftsmanship to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy in manufacturing!

All new Marathon Watches purchased from Windy City Watch Collector are covered by Marathon’s full 2-year warranty.

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